Why a new garden?

Gardens bring so much more to life than just a pleasing picture.

The warmer weather patterns we are experiencing allow for more time to be spent and enjoyed outdoors, bringing a host of benefits, both physical and mental. It is important that the garden design takes this into consideration to make the best use of every available space.

A carefully curated planting palette will offer year-long visual structure, improve air quality, promote biodiversity, attract wildlife, pollinators and help reduce pollution.

The garden becomes an essential extension of your home, sometimes with separate zones for dining, living and playing to be enjoyed throughout the year, thanks to outdoor heating. A soft-fruit and vegetable patch, an elegant outbuilding or a greenhouse can bring a new exciting dimension to the garden.

Plus a well designed garden can add significant value (10 to 15%) to your property.

Maïtanne Hunt MSGD MBALI

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