Why choose me?

Rearranging and designing spaces has always come naturally to me. I also really like people… Garden design addresses my passion for both, as well as bringing joy to you, my clients.

I design and build beautiful gardens and landscapes to improve the quality of your home and, more importantly, the quality of your life.

I have a client-centred approach which means I listen and get to know you in order to deliver what will best suit your needs, dreams and lifestyle.

I start to create and develop every garden by asking questions, which helps you and me to understand what you really want. It involves stepping into your shoes and using my skills to see the full potential of a previously awkward or neglected space, so as to give it purpose and beauty for you to enjoy for the long term.

Every project is unique as every client is different.

Your satisfaction is our best reward.

Maïtanne Hunt MSGD MBALI